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Maps of the Lower Saxonian Elbe Valley Biosphere Reserve

Interactive maps on environmental themes are provided by the Lower Saxonian environmental administration service:

- soil and contaminated sites
- nature and landscape
- atmospheric quality and
- technical environmental protection

The maps are available via the link entitled ‘Interactive environmental maps of Lower Saxony’ (only in German).

An interactive map of the biosphere reserve provides information on the following subjects:

- classification of natural regions
- occurrence of biotope type groups
- assessment of biotope types from the nature conservation point of view
- significance of areas for plant species protection
- significance of areas for animal species protection (without avifauna)
- geomorphological units
- potential natural vegetation units

Please use the link given on the right to show the map (only in German).

In addition, a static map can be downloaded in PDF format.

Static map of the Biosphere Reserve (German)

 Static map of the Biosphere Reserve (German)
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Online map of the Biosphere Reserve

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