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The Structure of the Biosphere Reserve Administration ‘Niedersächsische Elbtalaue’

The present administrative structure for the biosphere reserve was established in 1998, when it was commissioned with the task of looking after the system of protection areas in the Elbe valley. Since 1st January 2005, the biosphere reserve administration functions as an independent state agency.

The administrative office is located in the ‘Altes Rathaus’ – ‘The Old Council House’ – in Hitzacker. The 13 members of staff who work here perform a very broad range of tasks which are organized in three departments.

Two young people doing civilian national service provide support, and the group is sometimes augmented further by people gaining work experience or working on special projects. It is also possible to do voluntary ecological work for a year.

An advisory council consisting of 20 members exists to assist the administrative work. Its members are selected from local authorities, corporations and associations, and its main area of competence is concerned with regional sustainability and development.

The biosphere administration also fulfils the function of the local nature conservation authority for the reserve zones in category ‘C’. This involves close cooperation with the administrative districts of Lüneburg and Lüchow-Dannenberg.

Team der Biosphärenreservatsverwaltung   Bildrechte: Hans-Jürgen Kelm

Team of the biosphere reserve administration (as of 2013)

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