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A biosphere reserve is a place where children, adolescents and adults, local people and visitors, students, scientists and people from many other walks of life have an opportunity to obtain first-hand knowledge and experience of environmental issues. Relationships between man and nature and the countryside can be grasped at first hand, and we can get a clear picture of the difference between appropriate and inappropriate exploitation of our resources. This gives the dissemination of information and educational work a high priority in the list of tasks to be fulfilled by the biosphere reserve administration.

The so-called 'Biosphaerium Elbtalaue' in Bleckede houses the main information centre for the reserve. Amongst others, it has the aim of encouraging people who live in the region to identify themselves with its protection and help them to become aware of its unique qualities. Visitors from further afield, on the other hand, can obtain tips and advice as to the best way to spend their time, and of course as much information about the local flora and fauna as they need.

In 2013, parts of the historic House of the Guest (Haus des Gastes) in Amt Neuhaus was remodeled to host a modern exhibition on the 'Ark Initiative', dealing with rare animal breeds. The establishment of this exhibition is a joint initiative by the Lueneburg County, the Amt Neuhaus Municipality, and the Biosphere Reserve Lower Saxonian Elbe Valley.

In order to further distribute information on the biosphere reserve, three additional information points have been set up in Preten, Dannenberg and Gartow. Each individual information point can supply general information about the reserve, and is also especially devoted to a certain theme.

In addition, the reserve administration has entered into cooperation with various other institutions in the region, such as the Archaeological Centre in Hitzacker, the museum called 'Das Alte Zollhaus' ('The Old Customs House') in Hitzacker, the national environmental organisation BUND represented by its local office in Burg Lenzen, as well as the tourist information bureaux. A number of local people contribute their knowledge and time on a voluntary basis.


A biosphere reserve is a place where children have an opportunity to obtain first-hand knowledge and experience of environmental issues.

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