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The Biosphaerium Elbtalaue Information Centre in Bleckede

The ‘Biosphaerium Elbtalaue’ centre in Bleckede is the central information agency for the Lower Saxonian Elbe Valley Biosphere Reserve, providing information and educational services covering the whole area.

The centre contains an exhibition covering over 1,000 m² which presents the unique nature of the Elbe valley countryside. By setting up aquariums and an outdoor enclosure for beavers in the grounds of the Biosphaerium 'animals are brought to the visitors'.

The ‘Umweltwerkstatt’ – the ‘environmental workshop’ – has been set up to give children from kindergartens and schools as well as youth groups the opportunity to discover nature at first hand in combination with the exhibition area and of course with the countryside all around. This educational work is also extended beyond the centre itself by means of travelling exhibitions and lectures held at various venues, all of which contribute towards communicating the aims of the biosphere reserve.

Visitors can also obtain information and advice on leisure activities being offered within and around the biosphere reserve.

Elbschloss Bleckede Bildrechte: Elbschloss Bleckede

'Biopsphaerium Elbtalaue' Information Centre in Bleckede

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